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It’s EV International’s 10th Anniversary!

As we celebrate this milestone with our partners and customers, we would like to share with you what we dedicated ourselves to over the last decade:

Specially made for your home.

The steam cleaner EV ATLANTIS converts tap water into dry steam at a high temperature of 170 ᵒC / 340 ᵒF, which penetrates deep into surfaces to remove bacteria and grime without the need of harsh chemicals or detergents. Its ergonomic design and professional attachments allow the fast and efficient cleaning of various surfaces, leaving them dry within seconds.

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Temperature of 170 ᵒC / 340 ᵒF

Leaves every surface sanitised and perfectly clean.

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7 bars / 101.5 Psi pressure

Loosens dirt with ease without compromising the cleaned surface.

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Customized 4.3″ LED Touch screen

Gives detailed information about pressure, temperature, working hours, attachments and service, for an exclusive user experience.

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Specially made for 
 your business.


Specially made for your business.

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Specially made for 
 the industry.


Specially made for the industry.

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Blue Steam Technology

Blue steam is different from grey and white steam because of its higher temperature, higher pressure and strong sanitising power.

  • Kills bacteriaKills bacteria
  • Neutralises odoursNeutralises odours
  • Eliminates dirtEliminates dirt
  • EV Blue SteamEV Blue Steam
  • White steamWhite steam

The colour of steam is related to its temperature, with higher temperatures typically resulting in bluer steam. The blue colour is caused by particles in the steam which scatter blue light more than the other colours, which makes the steam appear blue. Conversely, at lower temperatures, the particles in the steam move more slowly and scatter less blue light, resulting in steam that appears whiter. All EV Steam cleaners release pure Blue Steam with moisture as low as 3% - 5%, giving you unlimited cleaning possibilities and incomparable results.


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Established in 2013, EV International is a manufacturer of high-quality steam generators. The production is based in one of the largest steam cleaner factories in Europe, in Albairate, Milan, Italy.

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